Martin Isla

Hi there. I’m Martin, programmer and tech guy behind this beautiful game.
I got to know Lohmann in June 2017 thanks to a comment on a YouTube video. A few months later, we started working on what was going to be The Worst Grim Reaper.

He told me his idea for a game and I fell in love. This idea with his art (and my amazing skills, of course) would make such a beautiful piece of art.
We started working right away. For two months, I dedicated my life to game development. I had a freelancer job that took me about 6 hours a day and as soon as I finished with it, I started working on The Worst Grim Reaper.

I came up with amazing ideas to deal with the complicated mechanics of the game. I was so proud.

However, this game wasn’t always the same.

When Benis arrived, he brought all these amazing ideas with him which slowly started changing the game here and there. After a month, I was working on a completely different game. So different it would’ve been a good idea to just start a new project. This means that about two months after starting development, I had written code for a game that didn’t exist anymore. And it was a lot of code. It was two months of code.

Of course, most of what I had made still worked and some things still were useful and we’re always in a rush, so I never deleted anything. Actually, I kept working on top of it.
The game is currently over 10.000 lines of code. And all of them are chaos.

No happy ending and no lesson learned. Time needed to be saved and depression started beating me down again, it would’ve taken me months to remake everything.

There is a good thing, though. The game evolved to become a better version of itself and, in my experience as a game developer, that’s priceless. I worked on too many projects that weren’t finished because we ran out of ideas and these Marks come up with about ten thousand new ideas every time we skype (on Discord).

I’m so happy to be working on this thing, and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.